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Our Mission

  • Through collaboration and commitment, Brookfield Elementary School works as a Professional Learning Community to nurture a diverse community of learners, by ensuring progress toward high academic achievement and positive social development in the global community.

Our Vision

  • Lifelong Learning - Brookfield Elementary prepares students to become confident and contributing lifelong learners who are enthusiastic readers, speakers, writers, problem solvers, and critical thinkers.
  • Safe Learning Environment - Brookfield Elementary is dedicated to providing a safe and positive learning environment where students are respectful, responsible and ready to pursue present and future challenges.
  • High Student Achievement - Brookfield Elementary prepares students to demonstrate their full potential in all areas of learning to excel in lifelong endeavors.
  • Flexibility to Meet Individual Needs - Brookfield Elementary maintains that every child is entitled to a constructive learning environment that includes differentiated instruction and support through intervention programs. 
  • Community Collaboration - Brookfield Elementary respects and appreciates all members of our community.  We value our diversity and view it as an asset as our students grow together in an all-encompassing learning environment.  Parent and community involvement provides a natural vehicle for students to embrace and appreciate our diverse society.

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Our Core Values and Beliefs

  • We believe students will thrive and progress toward their fullest potential academically and socially within a safe and positive learning environment.  We will maximize professional development opportunities and collaborate through Professional Learning Communities to attain school goals.  Through ongoing assessment and collaborative planning, we will differentiate learning experiences to meet the range of needs of all students by providing intervention programs.  The Brookfield Elementary School community of families, students, staff members, volunteers and business partnerships value our shared responsibility for the achievement of all learners.

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