Positivity Project at Brookfield: Perseverance

January 20, 2020

Our Positivity Project trait this week is perseverance. People who have perseverance achieve their goals, never giving up, despite any obstacles. When they face challenges, they don’t back down. Instead, they look for alternative ways to meet their goals. Sometimes, people face many challenges. They can use creative ways to be able to achieve their goals. Depending on our purpose, our perseverance can lead us to reach out to new people, research, or create items. When we use digital tools to help us persevere, we remember to use our digital citizenship skills to be critical of news and media and understand the power our digital work can have.

Learn More

Watch this video from Kid President. Feel free to discuss what would have happened if Michael Jordan (or Stephen Curry) had given up?

Conversation Starter

Talk to your child about a time you, or they, persevered, what challenges did you face? How did you show you had perseverance? Discuss times where you, or your child, persevered but did not achieve your goal? How did you feel afterward? Did not reaching your goal make a difference? How?