Attendance Procedures

Reporting absences and attendance procedures

Report an Absence or Late Arrival 

To report an absence or late arrival, parents/legal guardians may

Students who attend school regularly and arrive on time are more likely to perform well academically. FCPS expects students to be in school and follow their assigned schedules unless their absence is excused due to illness, a death in the family, a medical or dental appointment, or religious obligations. Parents must give the school a written explanation for any student absence or late arrival. Parents are asked to call or e¬mail the school attendance line if their child will be late or miss school. If school officials do not receive notice, parents will get a call and an e-mail through our notification system saying that their child has not arrived at school as expected. Absence or tardiness is unexcused if the parent does not inform the school in advance or supply a note when the student returns to school. Students are required to make up missed work.

Each student shall provide a satisfactory written explanation from his or her parent or guardian for any absence from class and for the release of the student from school during the school day.

All-Day Absences 

  • Whenever any student accumulates a total of five unexcused days of absence in a school year, the school will refer the student to the attendance officer, and a plan to resolve the nonattendance will be developed. If an additional unexcused absence occurs in the same school year, a conference will be scheduled. If a further unexcused absence occurs in the school year, the attendance officer will file a complaint with the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court as described in Section 22.1-258 of the Code of Virginia. The current version of Regulation 2234 provides additional details.

Extended Vacations

  • If an extended vacation has been planned during the school year, parents must notify the school in advance.